Our Activities

  1. Organize activities and campaigns with partner organization that focus on preventing AIDS in academic institutions and the broader community.
  2. To give advice and recommendations about blood testing.
  3. Assist PLWHA in gaining access to appropriate treatment, counseling for health care issues, making appointment to meet with doctors, and treatment for ARV, including continuous follow-up on patients’ symptoms.
  4.  Home visits, especially those who have severe symptoms or are unable to help themselves. We provide support as appropriate, such as medical equipment or daily consumer products.
  5. Organize trainings with partner organizations in order for members and interested people to share knowledge and skills so that they can apply to jobs or set up their own organization.
  6. Conduct research and academic studies in conjunction with local and international universities.
  7. Organize meetings, create a working network, and exchange work experience with other networks.

You can join our team by:

  1. Become a volunteer at one of our events
  2. Promote our organization
  3. Donation