About us

We have been active in Chiang Mai since 2012. From 2012-2013 we partnered with the HIV Foundation Thailand and MEASURE Evaluation in order to research organizations that provide healthcare services to men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgender (TG) in order to assess their work and understand what had already been done and what was still needed. Following this project, from 2013-2014, we began our care and support services through “Individual Intensive Healthcare for PLWHA”.  This project was a cumulative effort with HIV Foundation and CAREMAT, as well as several other partner organizations that work with MSM/TG and those living with HIV/AIDS. 

In 2014, when the project had finished, there were still a number of patients that needed care. It had become clear that this project had been successful, and that the services we had been providing needed to be continued. Therefore, the staff collectively decided to team up and create Our Choice: an organization that would be able to provide a variety of services, including prevention and holistic healthcare. The goal of Our Choice was not only to provide services but to also expand the scope of work to cover target groups in any gender in order to advocate for equality to access basic healthcare.


  • To promote knowledge and understanding of HIV/AIDS, STDs as well as create awareness about self-protection to any population with risks to get HIV;
  • To help new or current PLWHA gain access to appropriate healthcare, or other services, that will help them improve their quality of life;
  • To improve the standard of prevention, care and support by conducting research and partnering with other organizations locally and internationally.